When Spring Arrives

when Spring arrivesthe world begins tostir and stretch andslowly emergeMother Nature trades hericy white gown for a fresh, leafy green frockchildren emerge from their dens,blinking and squintinginto the almost-forgottensunshinebut memories soon returnbikes are retrievedtires are pumpedballs of all kinds are rounded upsunglasses are donnedflowers start peekingbut soon emerge triumphantgloriously parading theirenviable, colourful dressesthroughout the gardensso … Continue reading When Spring Arrives

Space: a love poem

of all the poemsabout spaceI like yours bestno overwrought similes orallusions to theserenity ofendless stars,countless planets, ormyriad asteroidsno swirling comettails or meteorshowers of affectioninstead you illustratequite adeptly thesuccinct pleasures ofa cold, silentblackhole