Space: a love poem

of all the poemsabout spaceI like yours bestno overwrought similes orallusions to theserenity ofendless stars,countless planets, ormyriad asteroidsno swirling comettails or meteorshowers of affectioninstead you illustratequite adeptly thesuccinct pleasures ofa cold, silentblackhole

Here I go again

I've let apathy and procrastination (lazy, easy-out excuses) combine with ongoing health problems and a difficult husband (legitimate, albeit overcome-able, excuses) to interfere with my writing yet again this year. But I want, no... need, to make a change. Something's gotta' give and if I have anything to say about it, it won't be my … Continue reading Here I go again

Yay for me!

I like happy coincidences. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Facebook reminded me that I had a flash fiction piece published two years ago today. And I've received word that one of my short stories will appear in the 2018 issue of Clamor, the University of Washington-Bothell's literary journal. It will come out on 29th May. … Continue reading Yay for me!