Space: a love poem

of all the poemsabout spaceI like yours bestno overwrought similes orallusions to theserenity ofendless stars,countless planets, ormyriad asteroidsno swirling comettails or meteorshowers of affectioninstead you illustratequite adeptly thesuccinct pleasures ofa cold, silentblackhole

Safe space

I want to write a poem because words are my refuge and I think others need shelter too but I cannot find the magic words that will soothe the world's pain or provide beauty and peace for everyone maybe, though, knowing someone feels anger and sadness and frustration, like you, will bring you some small … Continue reading Safe space

Spider Love

I wrote this poem several years ago, at a difficult time between me and the father of my son. This was when I was living in Washington State, where wolf spiders are common. They're big, furry, and ugly; they look a bit like thin tarantulas. However, when I was researching titles for my poem, I … Continue reading Spider Love