Back to work!

Well, I do believe the time has come to return to the real world of make-believe. And by that I mean I had a wonderful visit with my older boy and let myself wallow a bit when he returned home last week. So now it’s time to start writing again. I have no excuses and nothing to keep me from putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be.

Because of my son’s much-welcomed and highly treasured visit, and the all-too-predictable funk when he left, I have not been very productive at all for several weeks. But I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, and to start tackling my ROW80 goals again.

I can’t say that much progress has been happening lately. But I have sporadically written in my journal and I’ve read a couple short stories. The current deadline for 12 Short Stories is next week, so maybe I’ll be able to meet that one. All this means is that I haven’t exactly been great about meeting goals, but I haven’t altogether abandoned them, either. So things could be worse. I’ll take it!

cat paw and keyboard

3 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. I’ve only really got back into a regular habit in the past week or so. Here’s to moving past funks and finding our grooves!


  2. It’s tough to get back into the groove. One of the best ways to motivate me to write is to read a particularly good book. It can be both distracting and invigorating at the same time, overall giving more focus once it’s over.

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