Serendipity comes when least expected

I don’t think my son is going to follow in Christiane Amanpour’s footsteps, but I do think he did a good job interviewing his grandmother several years ago for a school project. I’d forgotten all about it. With my re-awakened interest in my mother-in-law’s story about her boyfriend during WWII, it’s a bit of serendipity that Facebook reminded me of this video.

I’m sure my mother-in-law won’t remember doing this, either. It will be fun to show her. And it will be the perfect way to segue into asking her to tell me more about that time, about meeting her boyfriend, Robert. I just want to learn everything I can because the story fascinates me. It’s grabbed hold again and won’t let go. And probably won’t until it becomes a part of my fiction writing somehow. I’m still percolating on just how that’s going to happen.


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