ROW80 check-in

Time for another ROW80 check-in!

  • Posting to my blog. I have actually posted to my blog, other than a ROW80 check-in, so I’m counting that as a success this week. The goal was to post at least once a week. At some point, I’d like to bump that number up, but for now … baby steps.
  • 12 Stories/12 Months challenge. Since the first prompt won’t be posted until 9th January, I have done nothing, but at the same time, I’m right on track. Score!
  • Daily journal writing. I haven’t gotten into the rhythm of writing every day (yet), but being more consistent is already having a beneficial effect, both with my mood and with my creativity. That counts as a win-win situation in my book. So it’s having the effect I was hoping for, and I’m laying the groundwork to turn this into a daily instead of almost-daily habit.
  • Read one short story a week. This week I read Ray Bradbury’s story “Marionettes, Inc.” from his collection The Illustrated Man. Since this goal was inspired in large part by Bradbury’s advice to read a short story (among other things) every day, I thought it only appropriate that my first story for this challenge be one of his. It was sufficiently creepy that I haven’t decided yet if I liked it.

I’ve also continued work on a short story I started quite a while ago. And I’ve determined whether or not one of the characters is going to die. That’s been bugging me. Now I just need to finish writing it.

All told, I’m pleased with the progress made this week, especially with the drama going on in my personal life right now.

I hope all the other ROW80ers are feeling as pleased with their progress. Happy writing!

13 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in

  1. Great progress! Really, sometimes it’s harder than we think it should be to just “get going”, especially when life is throwing eggs at us.

    Thing is, sometimes those eggs, those diversions, can be a source of ideas and newness. You just have to have the mechanisms in place to make use of them. That’s where the journaling, the short story reading and submissions will help… they will be the tools to fine tune your creative mechanisms. And who knows… maybe some of those eggs will become a cake.

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  2. Sounds like you’re off to a good start – sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. Baby steps get the job done! Here’s hoping the personal stuff will sort itself out and give you more time and headspace for the writing. Good luck!

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  3. You are right about taking baby steps. Any step forward is progress, so you are doing great! Best wishes on a productive week.

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  4. I have changed my life with baby steps – literally! Hooray for you for taking them!

    I’m interested in this short story challenge you mention. Can you share any details?

    So sorry about the drama in your personal life. May it lead to unexpected opportunities and joys!


    1. You can find info on FB or Instagram under 12 Short Stories. The first prompt will be posted today. I’m looking forward to it. Good luck to you if you join!


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