For the love of letters

Letters. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a letter? Sadly, in this age of text messages and emails, usually the letters that come in my post box are addressed to “Occupant”. Or “Home Owner”. And if it’s not that, it’s a bill. Bleh.

I’ve always loved getting mail. When I was a young girl, I remember how excited I would get when my grandparents would send a postcard to me whilst on vacation. Getting an unexpected treat. Knowing someone I cared about was thinking of me even though far away. Having a break in the daily routine. These all play a part in the joy of correspondence.

And what about writing a letter? That’s fun, too. Taking time to share some good news with a beloved aunt, or chatting to a friend who’s moved away, writing a letter can be cathartic, moving, or just plain fun.

It was my ongoing love of letters that prompted me to sign up for the InCoWriMo challenge. It’s a month of mailing or delivering a hand-written note or letter every day during the month of February. We’re only eight days in, but already I am having so much fun. I actually wrote a letter to the Queen! The Queen of England – go figure. I never would have thought Queen Elizabeth would be one of my personal correspondents. And two days ago I received my first surprise letter. It really made my day to get such a pleasant and friendly unexpected gift.

Isn’t this the cutest owl?!

I encourage you to join the fun. You might make a new friend or two. That wouldn’t be a bad thing now, would it?

If you could write to any (living) famous person, who would it be and why? Feel free to tell me in the comments.

Happy letter writing!

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