Writing Into the Unknown

My poor fountain-penblog. It’s sat neglected for months now. And it’s not like I haven’t been writing, because I have. Unfortunately, I haven’t been all that good about posting stuff here. I’ve thought about it. Big deal. So now I’m here, actively trying to be a better blog owner. And more importantly, a better writer.

To that end, I’ve joined a couple writing groups on Facebook. One that I really like is Ninja Writers. The people in the group are friendly and supportive, and Shaunta, who runs the group, is hands-on and keenly interested in making sure everyone has a positive experience. There are writing prompts and workshops, challenges and all-around friendly advice.

The challenge that I’m working on now is the 31 Days of Being a Ninja Writer. Day 10’s goal is to prompt us to start our mailing lists. I’m not a complete technical novice, but neither am I a whiz kid with computers. I’m curious to find out if I can create, and then maintain, an email list. What will I send out? Will people sign up? What if I make a fool of myself?

It’s more than a little daunting to take on a challenge, especially in a public way. I might totally screw up the first email I send out…or any one after that. It’s possible. There was a time when I would let the fear of failure stop me. Whether the failure comes on the technical or the artistic side it would still be failure.

But I like to write. Lots of people don’t like writing, and that’s OK. I do. And I like it when people other than me read the things I’ve written. Starting this email list is one way (a good way) to invite others to my writing home. With any luck, the people who come visit my site will enjoy their visit. And if I mess up, hopefully I can respond with enough grace and humour that I won’t scare you lovely readers away.

Writing is an adventure. Let’s see what happens, shall we? Thanks for sticking with me.



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