I won a book!

Woo hoo! I’ve won something! Not money — even better. I won a book! (Seriously, what could be better than winning a book?) Through the awesome site 101 Words, I’ve won the e-book 55 Words by Anushree Nande.

I have really taken to flash fiction lately, both reading and writing it. So it will be great to have yet more examples to read and help me learn and develop as a writer of this emerging genre. And the nice thing about the 101 Words site is that they are extremely supportive of writers over there. Between publishing stories, offering writing tips and editing assistance, and lots of encouragement, there is a lot going on over there. So if you’re a writer, too, I highly recommend checking it out. Thanks for all your support, Shannon!

Now, I have to get ready to go to my creative writing workshop, which is another awesomely supportive and creative place. If you’re in Warwickshire on Wednesday some time, you should definitely come check it out.

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